A request by your mod > w <

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A request by your mod > w <

Post  Sagacchi on Fri Aug 07, 2009 6:34 am

Heyho and hi! > w <

Since there's so many people posting their covers here ( *___* happy happy) we already had to make the archives XD

And... We will sort them in from time to time, so that there's no confusion here <3

To make things easier, I have a little request! ^.^

When you post, write somewhere that it's either a solo, duet or collab .. you can write that into the title or somewhere into the post XD So we don't sort them in wrong~

And for that, from now on it would be nice if you'd post solos, duets and collabs in seperate posts <3
But it's okay to post more than one then... like for example ...

if you wanna share not only one, but three or four new solos with us, you can post them in one topic <3

Also, to avoid the spammage of this place XD
If some people here are doing collabs together, only one person should post it, yes? :3
And then add all the needed information into that post, like the people who are singing ^.^

I mean... imagine there's a collab with 8 people singing, and each one of them posts this collab here @_@ So ... one person posting it is really enough

I hope this is alright with everyone

Thank you and I love you *_*


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