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Saga's "Song-For-My-Friends" Archive XD

Post  Sagacchi on Sun Jul 26, 2009 9:29 am

To avoid that this forum is full of my solos XD hahaha
Insa (Farewell) by Kim Jaejoong

IMPORTANT!!! Since I already got comments on this song, I don't really expect comments anymore XD

Hani, this song is for you <3

I feel a bit weird about the title...

It says Farewell.

Oh.. this really sounds sad, doesn't it? ( ´__`);
But... I don't think this title should be taken too serious :3 because...

... I hope we never have to say 'Good Bye' to each other <3

I don't have much to say, so please listen to my song <3

From Hero to Hani
link removed due to ToS


Yeojaneun Sarangeul Molla (Girl's Don't Know) by FT Island

It's time for me again.... .... to post a solo! XD

After Insa, which I sang for hani, I now present you my new solo

link removed due to ToS

I dedicate this song to Shisshi, who is my best friend, also in RL : D !

Lyrics should be imaginary changed to "Nuna sarangeul molla, nae mameul molla" haha XD Becaaaause... I love you : D and ... yeah. Before you forget that, or if you didn't know it, how much I love you, well... now you know ò___ó my english doesn't make sense right now, so what ; x ;~ !

I will always always always love youuuu
Nobody can ever replace you > w <;
No future boyfriend that I (hopefully ; ; ) will have one day Ò__ó ! *nods*

anyways... some nice hongki song with a little wonbin topping (XDDD yesterdays insider-joke. sorry, the shop didn't sell kyuhyun topping!)


link removed due to ToS


This time, I am singing for Zelderz

I swear, this song killed me DX
Somehow my throat hurted when I started to sing ...
... but I wanted to finish the song! XDD
It got better then...

Anyways, I apologise already for some pitchyness and stuff XD
I tried to sing as cute as possible for you, [b[Zeldi-hun[/b] >___<;

I hope you enjoy it

link removed due to ToS



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