[SOLO] A...whole bunch of stuff : D

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[SOLO] A...whole bunch of stuff : D

Post  Ciel on Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:09 am

Since the last time I logged into this place was like November LAST year (lmao I'm not even joking), I figured most people here don't know how I sound like, and if they did, they don't know what I sound like now XD;;.

So uh, hi, I'm Ciel/Alice (if you knew me as Alice then feel free to keep calling me that, but I think I stopped responding to it oops)! I also have an affinity for autotune songs (not because I think I suck...which I do but uh, more because I love how it sounds /o/).

They're all Vocaloid songs by the way XD. I don't solo anything other than Vocaloid anymore because that way I can get away from the strike police on YT and stuff 8D;;. And I love Vocaloid music /o/

Anyway uh, this is my latest cover! It's about remembering someone who passed away >:.

And the one before that! It's basically a song of thanks : D! It's like autotune overload though oops.

Er, this might be closer to what I used to sound way back then (slightly deeper and stuff) 8D;;. Again, autotune...8D. I did mention I like autotune 8D.

And uh, probably my post popular cover on YT so far? Half of it is autotuned, and half isn't, and I mixed it myself so it sounds like uh-oh compared to the other ones above 8D

ANYWAY. Hopefully I'll get to participate more this year....:3?

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Re: [SOLO] A...whole bunch of stuff : D

Post  Sagacchi on Tue Nov 09, 2010 10:57 am

i found some of your stuff on YT and I like your voice now more (highpitched like) than some time ago ^^ nice improvement!


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