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[Solo] SNSD - Bestfriend

Post  YouJuChan on Mon Nov 15, 2010 6:43 am

Well this is actually pretty fail cause I definitely ruined the file ToT I was playing around with effects to make the instrumental and my recording a little more suiting...but...I couldnt return the original file anymore.. so now this is the result XD'' *fail*

Actually I just wanna know what you guys think about my 'girly-voice' XD;; I tried to figure out how to get out more higher notes without using too much falsetto >< For those whove known me for a longer time~ does I sound the same? Cause I know I have this annoying (at least for me -.- ) sound in my voice that really doesnt go with girlgroup songs X'D So yeah~ comments pleashy! :D

And I also want to know that cause I want to cover this song once again~ another version though ^^;;

link removed due to ToS

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