Post your MBC Star Audition 2010 Tapes here!!!

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Post your MBC Star Audition 2010 Tapes here!!!

Post  mrhellofai on Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:23 am

Hello guys !I decided to make a thread like this so everyone can post their videos here and we can watch,comment and rate each other! We can also be mbc and breakingrecords friends =)).So Post ! Share your videos, share your channel, share everything !! gogogo! Here's mine !!

So I just wanted to try out this audition ! It's very fun to see other people doing this audition too ! and i made lots of friends who are auditioning too! if you have videos you wanna share post here too ok! Hope you guys can comment and rate ok =) Here you go !!

My Youtube Channel


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