[Duet] Miccha - Too Late

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[Duet] Miccha - Too Late

Post  Honey on Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:54 pm

link removed due to ToS

We are back with a new song. It's "Too Late" from Co-Ed! Since it's only the second song for us, we are still experimenting with codes and singing-styles, so excuse us, if there are some things that don't fit yashii or me ^^ We are trying to find "our way". *hehe*

Next song will be Gee from SNSD. Song-suggestions for the future are welcome! =D

Once again: Comments = Love. <3
Honey once again managed to sound like a dead fish, please excuse that. I'm working on that since years. *loL*

*Miccha comes from Mitsubachi and Ocha -> Our "nicknames". So in short we are Miccha <3

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Re: [Duet] Miccha - Too Late

Post  YouJuChan on Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:15 am


I don't really know this song~ but~ When I listened to it once it was really fun to listen to :D

You both sound good together! :D I like the parts where both of you are singing together! ^^ Honeeeey~~ yyour voice sounds a little different than before! In a good way :D Its stronger and much clearer really like it! ^o^ (not that I didnt like your voice before DX )

that one part was unfortunately not as strong as it shouldve been ^^;; but all in all the Cover turned out really good :D :<3:

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