[COLLAB] 2NE1 - LONELY (english/korean/tagalog)

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[COLLAB] 2NE1 - LONELY (english/korean/tagalog)

Post  demotedangels on Mon Jun 13, 2011 10:32 pm

I just found out about this forum and super excited to share the cover and video that my friends and I made for the 2NE1 Lonely Cover Contest.

A little back story:

The three of us are huge fans of 2NE1 from the Philippines. We have been waiting for a 2NE1 Manila Concert and was hoping to come and see them live. However, circumstances did not allow us to do that. We were not able to watch 2NE1, the Party together. We were already in different parts of Asia (HongKong, Singapore and the Philippines) after 2NE1 got scheduled for a Philippine concert. Hopefully, this 2NE1 cover contest will give us the opportunity to see them perform live.

The thing is, this video/cover was made possible by the internet/skype/audacity. We had to record individually and then put them together to make this.

Please watch our cover entry! Thank you very much! o^ ^o

The cover song is in three languages - English, Tagalog, and Korean.

Feel free to leave comments.

By the way, I made the CLAY art with my cousin. 2NE1! ^_^



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Re: [COLLAB] 2NE1 - LONELY (english/korean/tagalog)

Post  Kyllia on Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:18 pm

Aww the video was so cute the beginning was really nice too! :)
Your mic qualities are :( thoughh I think only one of you had a decent mic but anyways. In terms of singing you guys did hit all the notes but more energy and emotion into the song would be even better :) Some of the english lyrics were a bit of an awkward fit but at other times it fit well and sounded really nice :) Hope to hear more from you and your friends! :)

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